I bet you couldn't stop thinking about it.

Notebooks were filled to the brim with ideas.

Every spare minute was spent bringing it to life.

Your site started looking like a home-made hand-me-down.

You started hiding your online presence as things felt a little too haphazard.

You started to feel less confident in your own skills.

You feel exhausted and grow increasingly frustrated by feeling 'off-the-mark'.

Worst of all, the clients you're working with just aren't lighting you up!

How I Got Here


I can still remember my first introduction to business, and design for that matter. I was about 12 years old and was trying to build a dog-walking service in my local area. From the outset, I knew that good design, (or branding as I later went on to learn) was going to be the key to selling my service to my neighbours. So I set out to create a suite of flyers, business cards and pamphlets to show off my new business.

Unfortunately, what I thought would be a shining life-long dog-walking career (oh, wouldn't I be livin' the dream!), didn't quite work out. So in my early twenties I packed up my Toyota Corolla with whatever would fit in, leaving the remnants behind, drove my little hatchback interstate to the big city and started my new chapter of life in the corporate world.

I'm not going to lie, I was in over my head. Dealing with technology and an industry I'd never known much about (except what I'd seen on TV!). But, I knew they'd taken a chance on me - a two-time uni dropout and I was ready to do whatever it took to prove I was worthy of that opportunity. It was here that I learned to love technology, design and marketing. I was able to use my writing skills and my creative side in a job I'd never even considered. And I loved it. Until I didn't.


A couple of years into this gig, I was promoted to a role I'd always had my eye on, but my fellow friend Mr. Inadequacy told me I would never achieve. Now, I do need to take a moment to thank Mr. Inadequacy, because if it wasn't for him and my other companion Ms. Stubborn-ness, I would never have got to where I am today.  It was only because I felt I had a point to prove that I worked my bum off to make sure that I could prove Mr. Inadequacy wrong. And it worked! 

But years of living in that kind of energy - you know the type where all you do is work, give more than you can really bear to and sacrifice your health and sanity in the process? (Hands up if you've been there!) - had taken some serious tolls!

And then I read Seth Godin's book, The Dip.

A little god-send that was my permission slip to quit all that was no longer serving me. Yes, QUIT!

It's not something that we talk about often, because we've built a society that condemns a 'quitter'. But as Seth so eloquently outlines, quitting is perfectly fine - if it's for the right reasons and in it's right time.

Whilst I now had my permission slip, I was still stuck in a fear mindset thinking 'but I can't go and start my own business, who am I to think I can do such a thing?', which was stopping me from acting on my latest epiphany. But the universe had a different idea of how this would all play out and sent along a little package, made just for me, in the form of a breakdown. I was 25 (by a day or two) and I'd already felt chewed up and spat out by the corporate world.

This was the final straw, begging me to consider this:
If there is a 'dip' (a period of time and set of circumstances that weeds out the people who are just 'trialling' from the experts that the remainders become to be) then wouldn't I rather be going through that trialling time, working towards something that LIGHTS ME UP?


Two weeks later, I was handing in my resignation and packing up my car once again to start on yet another chapter. 
And I can tell you lady, it's been one exciting adventure thus far.


Sorry, they're not debatable. (See, I told you I was stubborn!)

+ I believe that we create our best work when we are working on our passion and with purpose. Full stop. No arguments please.

+ I believe that women, in particular, need to stand up and let their voices be heard.

+ I believe that you have a story to tell, a gift to share and an ending to write. And that it's a bright and beautiful one.

+ I believe that women who are creating their own heart-centered business are going to CHANGE THE WORLD.

+ I believe that marketing is a dirty word - but it doesn't have to be.

+ I believe that when you get crystal clear about how your passion and purpose intertwine, and work in this space as much as possible, MAGIC HAPPENS!

+ I believe that finding this passion and purpose leads you to your ultimate tribe of like-minded souls, who value your skills and talents (and want to pay you for them!)

+ I believe that YOU ARE WORTH IT.